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  • The best advice I have is to do your research. Get some vegan informational books like the kind life or skinny *kitten*. Also get some vegan cook books. I kind of felt like I had to relearn how to cook. Lol. I grow up on the meat was ypur focus point of your meal you you planned your sides around that. Now I focus more on…
  • So true I actually gained weight when I first became vegan. I think I was eating too many carbs.
  • I'm not a strict vegan like I used to be. But when I was I started off trying all kinds of new things. At first you might not live the taste of Vegan mock meats but try different brands. Eventually I started to love so many foods that I never thought I'd like before. I go to pinterest to find vegan recipes. Also I make my…
  • You sound like me. My weight sounds fine for my height but I look super thin. I want to gain a bit and also workout to gain some curves. I just started doing squats 2 days ago. I eat super healthy, mainly only fruits and veggies. Everyone keeps telling me to eat meat and carbs. I'm trying to eat more but I feel like I'm…
  • Because of water weight I noe only weigh myself in the am. Cause I kept thinking my weight was going up and down
  • Thank you. I mainly just drink black coffee and water only. I should try drinking more calories, maybe whole milk instead of my coconut milk. Didnt thibk about the calorie dense foods, i had this idea that i was going to have to add fatty gross foods and more meat in my diet.I like the idea of starting slowly with. Thank…
  • I'm trying to gain as well. I weigh 110 lbs now which sounds fine for 5 feet but I barely fit in women's clothes and have lost all my curves. Also I'd like to work out so I don't gain a tummy. I need my boobs and butt back, everything disappeared but I'm afraid working out will make me burn calories.