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  • @BarNGrill5 I had minor reflux before the sleeve, mostly due to spicy food. It got worse about 3-4 years post-op. By the time I had the revision, I was in agony most nights. When I saw the revision surgeon, he indicated that 1/5 of his revisions are for reflux and other issues related to the sleeve. I'm a little over 4…
  • I had the sleeve done 10/26/15 and due to extreme acid reflux, I had a revision to RNY on 11/5/22. I am on soft foods now and also having a hard time getting my food/water requirements in. I have a timer on my phone that goes off every 15 minutes (and very annoying), but I make sure to take in some water or protein drink.…
  • Hi all: I had the sleeve done 10/26/15 and due to extreme acid reflux, I had a revision to RNY on 11/5/22. I enter my food diary daily and check in my weight & exercise - if anyone wants to help stay on track, please friend me.
  • Hi there! I had sleeve surgery in 2015 and managed to gain back about 35 pounds in the last few years. I'm back "on the wagon" and back at the gym, along with eating better and logging on this app. I definitely know what you are going through. I'm looking for fellow bariatric surgery members to be friends with. :)
  • *hands up* me too! Anyone is free to add me as a friend :smiley:
  • I'm three years post-op VSG and never got to my goal weight (I was 20 pounds away). I've gained 15 pounds in the last 18 months and I'm just sick over it. I got lazy and went for easy/bad choices. Tomorrow I am back on track since I would like to lose a little before my vacation later this month. Hang in there!
  • Anyone on this thread can add me - VSG 10/26/15
  • Congrats! I am almost 3 years post-op and started to get back on track this week. I have had a 15 pound regain since last Fall and this week I'm down 4 pounds so far. I know exactly what you mean when you say surgery isn't the easy way out, but I do find that I do so much better when I'm back to basics and accountable…
  • Changing the daily calorie goal to under 1,200 must be a newer development. I joined MFP a little over two years ago and couldn't go lower than 1,200. I changed it to 1,000 today. Thanks for the info! I'm also a post-op bariatric (VSG) patient if anyone wants to friend me. :smile:
  • I had bariatric (VSG) surgery about 18 months ago with a goal of losing 100 pounds. I am down 78 pounds with 22 more to go. I've had a bunch of stalls and setbacks here and there, but I'm in it for the long haul - no quick fixes. Feel free to add me on here and on FitBit (//
  • I'm almost a year post-op and wanted to let you know that stalls will come and go and be part of your entire weight loss journey. I first stalled in weeks 3-5 and thought I made a huge mistake with the surgery. In the first several months, your body (and hormones) have been through a lot of trauma and change and it takes…
  • I had a VSG in October 2015 - please feel free to add me as a friend as I'm always looking to share support! :)
  • I just saw this post - I don't spend much time on here, just post my food and exercise and then leave. :) How did your surgery and recuperation go? I'll be 9 months post-op next week.
  • My pre-op was liquids only the week before surgery and clear liquids the day before. It was brutal, but I didn't cheat and actually lost 7 pounds that week.
  • When is your surgery?
  • Name: Anne Age: 48 Height: 5'6" Start Weight (June1): 212.5 Goal Weight (July1): 205.0 Weigh-ins (week of...): June1: 212.5 June 8: June 15: June 22: June 29: Weight -/+ this week: Weight -/+ this month: Successes/struggles this week: Keep on track: water, protein, vitamins, exercise!
  • Please add me to this challenge - I need more motivation. - I need to lose 54 pounds - I've already lost 56 pounds - I'm halfway to my goal, which is frustrating at times. - I eat 900-1,100 calories per day (6 months post-op from wls); gym is 3x per week and walk 1-2 miles daily at work Thanks!
  • Count me in and add me as a friend too :)
  • Hi! I'm Anne, I'm 48 and live on Long Island, NY. I had a VSG on 10-26-15. My goal weight is around 160. Pre-op: HW - 280 SW - 264 pants: 24 tops: 2x shoe: 9.5 ring: 9 BMI: 45.2 6 months post op: CW: 217 pants: 16 or 18, depending on brand/cut/etc. tops: XL shoe: 9 ring: 8 (I had to get a ring guard on my wedding band so I…
  • My first stalls were at week 4 and then again during weeks 7 & 8 and I thought I was going to lose my mind. Now I hit one every now and again and I try to not let it get to me. I feel disappointed at times, but it's normal and expected.. just your body "readjusting".
  • Thank you for sharing! I will be 6 months post-op next week and still trying to navigate through the good, bad and ugly. Your story gives me hope! :)
  • Feel free to add me as a friend! I also had bariatric surgery last October (VSG), so any sleevers out there want to add me so we can motivate & support each other. Thanks!
  • I was sleeved 10/26/15 and looking for friends on MFP for motivation & support. :)
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  • Hey Everyone! VSG on 10-26-15 - new to MFP and would love to be added. :smiley: