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  • This will be the first month I've been sober for like 2 years, so count me in!
  • I'm 28! Looking for MFP friends.
  • Well I try to surf the urge rather than going under. Next time you get the urge, tell yourself you need to ride it like a wave. :)
  • I honestly just Google Image Search 1 ounce or 6 ounces or whatever to find out how much of something I ate. If it looks like how much I ate then I pick that. It seems accurate to eyeball it and log that guesstimate because I've lost weight that way when not drinking all my calories before.
  • Mine is 1700. I stay under but not losing too fast. I think MFP thought my exercise was more exerting but for now it's just some decent sized walks.
  • Well, you don't have to eat out. You could cook a steak in your hotel room. Lol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMbD7Qjm2uM I try to choose "healthy" food for take out from a restaurant or buy sandwiches when I'm in the "Food tastes better when someone else makes it" zone.
  • Of course. That's a lot! You're doing great. :smile: I suck at noticing when people change something. Weight loss is the hardest to notice if those people see you daily!
  • Late night snacking is bad because your metabolism slows down at night. You're gonna be less active and alert , so your system is slowed down and it can lead to weight gain. I find that if I resist temptation after my usual dinner time, I'm not even hungry right when I wake up and can put off breakfast till I'm really…
  • I'm like a freshman in college who binge drinks but 8 years later, still haven't graduated. Lmao.
  • I'll add you. :smile:
  • This is true! The first taste of something sweet or a good pizza is gonna signal the reward system in your head, but it's gonna dull down really quick. You really don't need to eat an entire pizza. Or, I keep telling myself that. ;D
  • Yes! It's easy to say "Oh, I can just eat less food if I'm gonna drink today." Nope. Doesn't work for me. Lol. 6 drinks easily turns into more and/or food cravings. Plus, drinking is so addictive, it's easier to just cut that out of your life if you have it in you while you're trying to lose weight. I lost 22 pounds in…