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  • Hi! I'm Grace, 30 years old, 5'2 and 92.8kg (eek!) I'm remotivated to lose weight again, especially as I'm going to Disney World with my mum at the end of September. I have a new air fryer which is the BEST THING EVER! I want to join this challenge to help me stay motivated as I usually get bored and go back to bad habits…
  • I don't know how accurate it is, but I use it as a vague indication that I'm on the right track :) as long as mine says 2.5kg less (a pound a week), I'm happy! If I overeat and it says less, I know I need to do better.
  • Hi! I'd love to have more friends to see progress and "like" statuses etc :) I'll send requests to people already commented. Hope you all don't mind!
  • Hi! I'm starting again (again) Start Weight June 1st - 93.3kg End of June goal - 90kg Overall Weigh Goal for September 2021 - 60kg I did well in Jan and Feb this year, lost a stone, but petered out in March and gained it all back through April and May. Refinding my motivation!
  • Hi everyone! I've never posted to a message board before! Height - 5'2 / 157cm Start Weight 06/01/2020: 207lbs / 93.9kg Current Weight as of 20/01/2020: 201.7lbs / 91.5kg Goal Weight by 06/09/2021: 132lbs / 60kg Goals for January: Do my little 'exercise plan' once in the morning, and twice/thrice at night (plan is just 10…
  • I'll give it a go! Only starting today so my start weight and Tues 1st are the same :) Starting weight: 170lbs Goal weight (5%): 161.5 Tuesday 1st:170lbs Tuesday 8th: Tuesday 15th: Tuesday 22nd: Tuesday 29th: What can you improve on; Move more! Do strength exercises after work. Watch what I eat. Add more vegetables.