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  • Hi rachel and everyone! I'm on the recovery journey too. I've found some really useful info recently that's really helped and changed things for being ' brain over binge' it has helped far more than years in therapy! Other books and videos too have changed things massively for me. And I'm now training as a life…
  • Hi everyone! This is a really great little group. Thanku for starting it. I've struggled with this for years. I've done everything to try and stop.litrally everything! The best way I've found is a book called ' brain over binge' and I also got a recovery life coach that helped me change things massively! It's now inspired…
  • Add me also, I can really relate!!! I can share my experience and strength with you x
  • I found a great book called ' brain over binge' it talks about the lower brain and the higher brain, it really helps me to see it as a habit. A compulsive thought from the lower brain. Message me for more details on it xx
  • Hi! I've done Keto and had success and am about to do it again. Send me a message and we can help and support each other . I've got loads of tips etc I can share Kelly x
  • Hi, wanna add me? We could buddy xx
  • Hi! Please feel free to add me. I really understand , and have expirence with this. I'm happy and healthy and I no longer have a problem with food. There is a way out!! Would love to chat xx