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  • That is sooo me... I eat healthy most of the time, but when monthly hormones kick in, I don't even count calories because it's just so shocking how much I can pack in. I'm talking pounds of candy, ice cream, PB sandwiches, bowls of cereal, etc... Then I spend a week trying to recover from it, if I didn't exercise regularly…
  • I am a huge emotional eater! I've found if I keep healthy snacks handy at my fingertips for mindless stress munching (for me it's sunflower seeds, radishes, grapes etc.) those days when I cant stop emotional eating and I binge on crap are only 1-3 days a month, which are easy to recover from if you're consistent in your…
  • I take a pile... Maca powder, L-arganine, ginseng, multivitamin, red clover, dhea & magnesium oil plus I grow a bunch of medicinal herbs in my garden that I cook up into a stirfry... I have bad peri menopause but all of the above have pretty much wiped out my symptoms and I have much more energy when I exercise.
  • Are you nursing? Getting back into a low impact cardio as soon as everything healed and nursing always helped me drop off the baby weight, and I had 8 kiddos. I collectively lost about 350 lbs over the course of childbearing years, mostly working out to Richard Simmons Sweatin to the Oldies videos, LOL
  • I looove oatmeal but need the protien in eggs, so I kinda only eat oatmeal intermittently through the week depending on what carbs I have a taste for. Once autumn hits warm cinnamon & apple oatmeal will happen every day B-)
  • Stretching, good shoe inserts and rubbing in magnesium oil after a run and letting it absorb really helped me, used to get it often.
  • Clean, garden, yard work...after a long run walking around doing chores seems easy, and I'm energized! After I shower I love using magnesium oil on my legs for recovery. Rarely have sore muscles because of it.
  • I love this post...I keep my arms in decent shape farming and gardening but they still have a wiggle and my 11 yr old thinks it's funny to sit by me and poke my flabby arms, lol
  • I hear you, I'm 43 and have sat at 145-150 for 10 yrs, finally got so sick of it I doubled my run distances and it's finally coming off. Just finally convinced myself I ate way more than I wanted to admit. ;) Good luck!!!
  • I love bean hummus made w. fat free sour cream & spices, spread on low calorie toast, or beans with brown rice cooked with coconut oil to reduce calories. Beans are awesome, you can also blend them up and replace flour in baking recipes i.e.: black bean brownies.
  • I weigh myself daily but in my mind I only count the weight from the week after my cycle from month to month and write it on a calendar....the rest of the time is like a weight gain & loss hormonal water park ride. :P
  • I love radishes, I keep them by me all the time plus sunflower seeds, hits the snacking w.o. too many calories...I think I'm the largest purchaser of radishes in Virginia. ;) I'm a binge eater so I need to munch, but it's helped me get to only 7 more lbs to lose!