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  • Hi everyone, my name is Tiffany, have been on mfp for a while now, looking for friends and people to chat to and keep me accountable for the last few kgs! Happy to offer support to other starting their journey also! All about happy and healthy
  • Age: 25 5'2 HW: 149 CW: 123 GW: 114 (give or take with muscle gain) Ideally I want to gain muscle and get lean after I reach my GW Build a more sustainable lifestyle :)
  • Started my health journey a few months ago and have lost 12kg so far. I'm on 1200 but generally consume under or around 1100. I have always been on the heavier side for my body, but currently the lightest I can remember. My main goal is to work towards getting rid of the excess fat and lean up. Feel free to friend/add me…