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  • FWIW I've lost a lot of weight with CICO, but at some point it stops working if you plateau, and then try to drive the CI too low -- then your CO calculations are wrong because your metabolism slows down. I didn't believe it until I tried ramping up my CI, especially protein, and boom, plateau broken. However, gym person…
  • Don't worry about it. Make sure you learn gym etiquette (wiping down machines, putting weights away, etc) as that's much more likely to get you scorned.
  • This happened to me when I tried to just go run a 10k training run, because I had the cardio fitness from cycling 100-mile rides and such. Legs got extremely heavy to lift the last 1.5 miles or so. Just got to work your muscles back up to it. Probably need more mitochondria and glycogen stores, among other things.
  • THANK you orangesmartie, that finally fixed it for me.