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  • I am definitely an emotional eater. And, building new habits is hard when your emotions are high. I try to find foods that keep my mouth busy to satiate that need, but also aren't completely unhealthy. Sunflower seeds in the shells are good ones. I bite the shell off and spit it out in a cup and then eat the seed. I get…
  • I cannot stress enough how important it is to have good running shoes and slowly build up. Quality shoes, from a running store, can help prevent injury by providing the proper support for you and your stride. A running store can evaluate your gait to figure out what it is you need. The Nike's you would buy at someplace…
  • Pass some on to a neighbor, maybe? If you don't want to throw it away, but you don't want it in your house, see if someone else might want it.
  • Avocado often makes me feel full. Lately I've been having some smashed avocado with lemon, salt, and pepper and dipping carrots or these cauliflower crackers in it (They are only 100 calories for 44 crackers!). It especially makes me feel full and holds me over when I eat with the crackers.
  • I've had the Aaptiv app for about a year now and love it. I use it everyday for strength, strength/cardio mixes, yoga, pilates, and on rest days there are guided meditations. I have a set up 5 lb weights and a set of 8 lb weights. I do also have a treadmill at home, so do the treadmill workouts sometimes, but it's…
  • Been lurking in this group for awhile, but decided to join in this month. Height: 5’4” 9/1: 131.5 9/13: 131 9/20: 9/27: 9/30: September Goal Weight: 129 Ultimate Goal Weight: Not quite sure. I'd be so happy to maintain at 127, but pre-baby I sat around 123-126. I'll re-evaluate when I get to 127. Have eaten really well…
  • ohhhh, do I understand! My 8 month old is still waking every 3 hours to eat at night. I'm so tired, but also really frustrated with people suggesting what she "should" be doing. She should be sleeping through the night. We sleep trained- didn't work. She should sleep better if she's eating more- she eats solids, 3 full…