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  • I've been a vegetarian for over two years now and had these exact symptoms, accompanied with hair loss! I now take Iron pills, vitimin D and B12 and have noticed a huge difference in myself. I have to admit I still struggle to meet protein goals but I've heard eating protien bars or taking protein shakes help. We've…
  • Thank you for the recommendation! I will definitely have a look at that 😊
  • This is a great website already found a few new things! Thank you for sharing :) good idea about the bloggers too :)
  • Oh I feel your pain here! Nothing more frustrating than working your *kitten* off and counting every single thing, then a friend just drops one thing out of their diet and instantly loses weight 🙄 we have a friend who has just taken up exercise and has lost weight and thinks it's the answer to life! When in reality it's…
  • We do exactly the same! We have started brushing our teeth after we've finished our food plan for the day. Works a treat!
  • I have just started my journey and reading this post is inspiring! I can relate to a few things on your list like hairloss! I thought it was maybe from becoming vegetarian but thruthfully it's because I've eaten so badly in the past year (pizza is still veggie) and even at 27 I have so many spots! Looking forward to all…
  • One I saw on here the other day that I loved. You can wake up sore or you can wake up sorry! Best gym motivation I've heard.
  • Thank you! Yeah I think the same. We have only cut them out temporarily because I get addicted to things like these and would cut calories in my meals to eat junk.