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  • Would love an accountability buddy. I need to lose these pounds and I know I need some friends who can motivate and that I can motivate too. Add me if you like, I have about 35 lbs to lose at the moment.
  • Count me in too! I need to lose about 35 lbs but am having a hard time getting it all together. I need some accountability buddies.
  • Thanks for asking this question. To be honest I was on here this evening to also look for support as I am a binger. I go times where I go really well with food and workouts and then I either get bored or emotional enough by stress that it seems to trigger it and I give in and then it's days if not weeks at a time. I need…
  • I'm just starting this as I just found the group. But I want to be junk food free for 21 days (no chips, no soda (even diet), no candy/chocolate, things along those lines)
  • I'm looking for a buddy. If there is anyone that wants to commit to junk food free I would love to be your buddy. I'm 34 with about 40lbs to lose