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treacych Member


  • "My exercise is the same" You're saying it in the title of your post - your body has reached a plateau. Your body is comfortable with your current food intake and exercise routine so it needs to be challenged again. Find a new workout program to follow, exercises to try, and find some new recipes that still fit your…
  • someone may have suggested this already but right off the bat I would guess that you've hit a plateau. Congrats on losing 25lbs already though! That's amazing!! Sometimes our bodies get used our current routines and tend to start "maintaining" because it isn't challenging anymore. Try switching things up though. Find new…
  • Seriously! I'm jealous too OP, when I had the luxury of a salad bar not far from my office, I'd cook chicken (or whatever lean protein you like) at the beginning of the week and just bring a portion of that to add to my salad everyday. Oh and I always stuck to vinegar and olive oil for dressing, but that's probably a…
  • Wawa is good for having a lot of fresh food options and custom sandwiches.
    in Road trip Comment by treacych July 2017