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  • Hi It would be good to have some more friends added. I’m not very motivated at the moment.
  • I don’t want to switch to weighing my food because I don’t think it’s healthy for my mental health. I can easily add half of something to my lunch without weighing it. If I weigh everything it will be very time consuming and very likely to encourage/develop obsessive behaviours. Tracking weight is risky enough.
  • I’m starting at 78kg/172lbs. I’m 4ft11. I’ve lost 2kg this week which is 4lbs. I really think this is just Christmas gain at this point. So I am losing this week. My original comment was at the beginning of the week and based on the previous two years where I’ve gained weight. Other than tracking this week, I’ve not…
  • My calorie goal is 1200 if I’m tracking it and yes I usually come under that. I don’t weigh food portions and I don’t own kitchen scales. I estimate based on the fraction of the full packet. So I believe it’s pretty accurate. If I’m not sure, I estimate upwards. The only exercise I currently do is the amount of walking I…