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  • I have just hit 1001 days today. But before that (one day being in hospital), I had over 833 days. So really it would be 1,8334. I was gutted.
  • 989 days heading for the 1000. got to 800 before that then missed a day in hospital.
  • Hello there I'm Patti. 72 years old ,decrepit and trying my best to lose some weight. lots of health issues and currantly trying Saxenda, also have gastric band. housebound, cant really walk at all and really bad breathing. I stay logging and keeping calories near 1000. as hospital suggests. I seem to always just manage to…
  • Hello there, my update is, After initial 2 weeks on Saxenda. when i tried to up the dose by increments started feeling quite sick on .0.7/8. Kept it there dropped it down for 2 week then having a week off. Now I am back on 0.6 and nothing. what about you?
  • Don't forget your body needs time to adjust. Lots of things are happening that you cannot see. You feel fitter and you are doing all the right things. It will happen for you, well done and keep at it. Maybe try measuring your waist or using calipers to see some losses.
  • Stranger still, Here 2 weeks later.....I have surprisingly lost 2lb one day then a further 10 two days later making it 12lb this week doing nothing different. Baffled. ( only 1 change did stop eating after 6pm.!)
  • I am a disabled lady of 68 years, Dieted for 20 years non-stop, and have a working gastric band. I have bad breathing problems on moving around the house and arthritis bad in back and knees. I weight train but seated every day, quite hard to get breathless sitting, except for really bad days when I still do something with…