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ABCalkinsdiy Member


  • Sounds like water retention based on all your responses. That coupled with TOM. I feel great and look great so I really wanted to stick with what I was doing. Repeated question- I am training for marathon, a few hoop competitions and future participant in Iron Man
  • Cathipa- what is TOM? Doing some reading about DOMS
  • Egad I have deleted so many responses in this forum- so frustrating. No- I am not delusional and thinking I’ve gained 8 lbs in muscle. But I’m glad you think I’m that type of meat head. Lol I also am not under the impression that I have gained 4 lbs of lean muscle mass in under two weeks. I do believe a lot of it is…
  • I’ve posted here and there and as of yet haven’t received any indication that my posts are even visible. True confessions? I haven’t made any friends on this site, but I certainly haven’t made any attempts Also- I fricken love kimchi. Been making it for a few months and it’s my go to nom nom
  • Listen- we’ve all been poorly informed about healthy eating, hunger, starvation and caloric demands. First off- if you’re of the general population that happens to be overweight or obese- you’ve never truly encountered hunger or starvation for that matter. Most Americans have a minimum of a months worth of fat stores on…