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  • I understand the apprehension Tavistock, but that isn't really the case here. She's asked me to research for her, as she suffers severe social anxiety and would find this process very uncomfortable and disheartening. As stated though, i can understand the concern, and it's appreciated.
  • Thanks for the responses guys and girls. Main takeaway would be - eat what she likes, just manage portions to fit caloric requirements? Personally my advice was for her to go with perhaps the .5 or 1lb per week option, but she wants what she wants xD @ Rochelle, it tends to be things like pasta and cheese, iceland indian…
  • @mmapags , thanks - i just don't want to see the OP give up before he's really begun :) @pondee629 , this couldn't be more true! I lifted an empty bar for my first session in my new gym , and i'd been lifting weight at home before this. my wife was like "didn't people think that's weird", my answer? - i wasn't there for…
  • Hey buddy. Welcome! Man, I understand that anxiety. I'm a small dude, always have been. Those big guys sure can be intimidating. BUT - what about using them as inspiration? They sure as hell didn't start out like that. I can recommend StrongLifts 5X5 program. I've been working on it for ~1 month or so, and it's helped.…
  • Can I join this even if i'm the opposite end of the spectrum - looking to gain weight rather than lose? :P
  • Hey man, good on you for getting things in motion. I'm a small guy too (5ft7in, currently around 10,1/2 stone). I'm the same as yourself, i've been in and out of gyms for years, never *really* making substantial gains. UNTIL, i recently sorted my diet. My weight has improved by just under 5lb in a month (beginner gains for…
  • Hey there :) Macro targets are as follows; C = 373, F = 99, P = 149 I'm 5'6 or 5/7 (haven't actually checked my height in years lol!), and weighed 149lbs when i started tracking a couple weeks ago. Just using the website's generic recommendation as far as TDEE and daily macros go.