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  • Congrats to all of you on your PRs... however you measure them. :-)
  • Well, I made only 76 miles this month. I developed a little bit of extensor tendonitis and had to take some time off. Actually, that was a pretty productive week. I learned 1) how to tell the difference between different types of foot pain, 2) what listening to the body really means as far as taking time off, and 3) how to…
  • Goals: 08/31 SW: 157 09/25 GW: 155 10/30 GW: 153 11/30 GW: 152 12/31 GW: 151 Ten-day trending weights from Libra: 10/02: 154.9 10/09: 154.8 10/16: 155.0 10/23: 154.0 10/30: 153.5 Missed my goal by half a pound, so I am readjusting goals going forward to be a little more conservative.
  • I made about two dozen homemade chocolate-chip cookies this morning b/c I was expecting a guest, who ended up cancelling on me. Dang those cookies were great... I use the best chocolate, grind my own oat flour, refrigerate my dough overnight before baking them etc.... I ate two of them. I gave the rest away. If those…
  • OK. I had to look that up. Dang! I am impressed!
  • I *thought* I saw you on reddit... ;-)
  • What are the benefits of calorie restriction if you are already at your target weight? Genuinely interested. I was looking at calorie restriction just as something to get me to my target weight.
  • An air "fryer" is basically a small table-top convection oven. They work the same way. If you're thinking of buying one you might want to consider getting a convection toaster oven like this: https://www.nytimes.com/wirecutter/reviews/best-air-fryer/
  • 08/31 SW: 157 09/25 GW: 155 10/30 GW: 153 12/31 GW: 150 10-day trending weights from Libra: 10/02: 154.9 10/09: 154.8 10/16: 155.0 10/23: 154.0* 10/30: *Finally broke a month-long plateau. Here's what my daily weigh-ins have looked like: Thanks to @AnnPT77 for the tip about Libra. I had been calculating my trending weight…
  • Same as I did last winter...bundle up and keep running.
  • Stale white sheet cake with Crisco-based icing.
  • Sounds great. Do you pulse it all together in a food processor or just mash it all up or what? Though I'm by no means a vegan (I eat small wild fish and occasionally eat yogurt) I have just lost my taste for red meat. And I'm not a big fan of commercially-made faux meat analogues. I have nothing against people eating…
  • 08/31 SW: 157 09/25 GW: 155 10/30 GW: 153 12/31 GW: 150 10-day trending weights from Libra: 09/04: 156.1 09/11: 155.1 09/18: 154.9 09/25: 154.8 10/02: 154.9 10/09: 154.8 10/16: 155.0* 10/23: 10/30: *Back to where I was over a month ago. :-(
  • Cookies are definitely my trigger. Not cake, not candy. Cookies. Though I do go through periods where I'm jonesing for sugar, generally. What helps me is about 20-30 grams of protein. Not sure why, but it helps keep the sugar demons aways.
  • 08/31 SW: 157 09/25 GW: 155 10/30 GW: 153 12/31 GW: 150 10-day trending weights from Libra: 09/04: 156.1 09/11: 155.1 09/18: 154.9 09/25: 154.8 10/02: 154.9 10/09: 154.8* 10/16: 10/23: 10/30: *Injured my foot so I've not been running/walking lately. Hopefully this will change soon.
  • I may not make my running challenge of 80 miles this month after all... came back with some pain on the top of my foot last Sunday. Gave myself an extra rest day and everything seems OK now. I don't know if I copied it down wrong or what but the HH 10K plan I'm using took me from 18 mpw to 22 mpw the very next week. I am…
  • So true. Just swipe past all those folks. I was married before online dating became the big thing it it now. Do people not meet through friends, at parties, through shared hobbies/interests any longer?
  • Definitely, a good physical therapist is worth her weight in gold. When you go to that first appointment ask her if eccentric heel drops might help. They have worked wonders for me. https://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/09/15/heel-pain-treatment/
  • OK gotcha! I'm glad you got that wonky ankle 'resolved' or at least to the point where you could really start running again.
  • Just plain old white potatoes... they don't get a lot of love from dieticians and usually when people are trying to lose weight they are told to avoid potatoes. But they pack so many great micronutrients, not the least of which is potassium.
  • Roasted parsnips are great. Veganomicon has a recipe I like for a raw parsnip and beet salad. Basically you add them to a pineapple juice dressing and let them macerate in that overnight. And fried okra! Yum. My grandmother used to slice it dime thin, coat it in cornmeal, and then fry it in an iron skillet until it was…
  • I love canned fish! But mostly I eat sardines.
  • So you had one good PT who recommended a better PT for the ankle injury? That's heartening, especially after reading about the previous medical (in)attention you received.
  • I am putting these in my back pocket. Thanks! So for your long intervals you mean 5 minutes hard, 90 sec recovery, 7 minutes hard, 90 sec recovery, 3 minutes hard, 90 sec recovery, then do it again. Right?
  • Wow. That was pretty damn inspirational. I had a come-to-Jesus moment myself when I needed to lose 50 pounds... but it was based on how I saw diabetes/insulin resistance/Alzheimer's wreck my father's life, not on a scary life situation of my own. It really put a fire under my *kitten* to change my ways when I witnessed my…
  • Interesting, this is my plan for today and tomorrow... 3.1 followed by 6.2. Actually on the plan it is 3 and 6 but heck I can't help but round up. 10Ks in training are still a little scary to me.
  • As I mentioned in another post, (in response to @kgirlhart and @martaindale) I am just getting out of the c25k/b210K apps and saw Hal's plans online. (Since then I have noticed a ton of other free plans that all seem a lot more complicated than Hal's.) I would like to do speedwork at some point. Right now in my 10K plan I…