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  • Runamarti - I've been seeing that Diamond Painting thing EVERYWHERE! I do NOT, repeat, do NOT need another craft option, but I'm so tempted! Snowflake - For some reason I'm really into grandmother skills. I sew, knit, crochet, etc, but I definitely do them in bursts rather than regularly. Also, your cousin who fell off the…
  • I am the secretary at an elementary school and my office is right next to the staff break room. There is often food left in there after parties or other events. Until I can get a handle on it, my personal rule is not so much that I'm cutting off a food group but instead a food location -- nothing from the break room. The…
  • I'm only 4 days in, but I'm feeling good about the process. I'm starting to re-find the "this is a life change, not a diet" glasses rather than "if I diet really hard, I can lose lots of weight fast" glasses. The right glasses make all the difference as each hurdle is reached.
  • All, thanks for the comments on Yoda. I'm a big Star Wars nerd especially, and if one can combine nerds and crafts, all is well :) It's good to read this rolling conversation, although hopefully I don't have to read back through 391 pages to figure out who all of you are! You all seem lovely and I'm looking forward to…
  • Can I come sit with you guys? I'm starting again (again) and it feels really difficult this time. I know all the rules, but they seem so restricting! I've been reading about volume eating and may need to get back to BIG salads that are so filling and time consuming to eat :) Anyway, I'm 48, I'm the secretary at an…
  • It's my new Day One as well, after many false starts. I know you can manage it and crush it!!
  • Lots of reasons, but in the last year I've put back about half of what I lost 3+ years ago. I know much of it is food, as in I'm definitely eating over my allotted calories, but it also seems to be compounded by what I think is me entering perimenopause. I haven't skipped any cycles completely yet, but they're definitely…