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  • Not exactly a desert but these sugar free chocolates are delicious tasting and diabetic friendly
  • Very inspiring transformation picture! welcome to my fitness pal, there are so many positive people on here all sharing similar goals to keep each other motivated, let's make 2019 the year to achieve lifetime health/fitness! 💪
  • Hey Aimee and welcome to MyFitnessPal, this is a great health/fitness app with a great community of supportive people to keep you motivated! Go crush 2019! 👊💪
  • Hi Liz I just saw your your post about falling short on protein while tracking your macros lol sorry I'm still a newbie on this site. If your trying to cut out meat and dairy from your diet you could always go with non dairy protein powders mixed with water, nuts are a good source of protein although higher in fat, and if…
  • Want daily fitness motivation/healthy food recipe ideas? feel free to send me a friend request! 😁
  • As part of what some of the other members already mentioned, I personally would not go on a calorie deficit that would put you losing more than 1 pound to 1.5 pounds of body fat per week. I'd say add in at least 3 cardio sessions of 300 calories burned per session a week, along with maintaining a 300-500 calorie deficit…
  • I would honestly allow yourself 1 cheat meal per week on a heavy training day at the gym or on the same day as a heavy exercise apposed to a full day of binge eating that can throw away the progress that you made for the week of maintaining a caloric deficit. I personally just fit foods in my everyday eating lifestyle that…
  • Hey PamelyB, a great way to boost up your protein intake and hit that daily target is by making an omelette with liquid egg whites, with 10 grams of protein 0g fat and 0g carbs per a 1 cup serving, also add in a little lean meat to your omelette and you're looking at around 20-25g of clean protein for your small omelette 😎💪
  • Hi Amanda, the macro tracking is going pretty good for the most part, the bar code scanning feature makes it alot easier. I never knew how many calories were in alot of the everyday foods we eat lol hows your macro tracking going?