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  • How much time did it take for this weight gain? What exercise program are you following and are you new to regular exercise? Have you noticed your clothes fitting tighter, about the same, or looser? The scale is the poorest way to gauge your progress. I'm a personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist and many of my…
  • I have a trigger point kit and a foam roller that I use. I also incorporate workouts that decrease inflammation into my weekly routines. If you're already doing all of that, I'd look into a mineral supplement. Most people are low in magnesium and it's easy to tell if you take too much (you'll be running to the bathroom) so…
  • I have carpal tunnel syndrome and have to do modifications. If you try some of the mods for CTS and they help, then you have an idea that it might be CTS.
  • Good for you! When I changed my goals to lifestyle goals, rather than a size or weight, my life and health started changing for the better. I decided my kids needed to see their mom taking good care of herself.
  • I buy collagen peptides sourced from grass-fed beef. There are a few brands I buy, all sourced from New Zealand. I use it in my homemade shakes every morning. I don't like any of the prepared shake powders. The stevia taste is overpowering to me. But my husband likes the shake powders from Garden of Life.