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  • I'd also love to join! Workouts are so tough for me. I can do the diet, but trying to find motivation for a workout can really be tough! Today I won and had a killer workout. Tomorrow??? We'll see! Every day is a challenge :)
  • I'm in too! I could use some support. Been at it for a week and a half. I know that's not long at all, but I gained 2 lbs. Seriously?!? And no, my clothes don't feel looser, etc. Frustrated!!! I am not obese, but could certainly stand to lose around 40 pounds. I'm. 46, working fulltime, a mom, and a wife. I was even sick…
  • I've only been doing this a few days. But it seems far too easy and like I'm eating much more food than I had been. Anyone else feel that way at first?
  • I'd love to join. Day 1 for me. Sharing recipes and GOOD food ideas would be great. I've got such picky eaters here.
  • Have any of you tried fat bombs? I know it sounds gross, but I had a hard time hitting my calorie targets and was starving. They are unbelievably good and satisfying!