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  • That is the reason I left Weight Watchers. In their plan, fruits and vegetables are zero "Points Plus." But that was most of my diet. So, like the others on this string said, it comes down to calories and counting them. I also work at Mayo Clinic and was talking with an endocrinologist who gives talks about the QUALITY of…
  • Same! I LOVE my Jawbone UP. In fact, I've become a bit obsessed about getting in my 10K steps, so it definitely motivates me. Plus, since it tracks sleep (and my length of sleep is horrible), I've been making a concerted effort to GET. MORE. SLEEP. I did a lot of research FitBit vs. Jawbone and Jawbone came out on top.…
  • Absolutely amazing! You look FANTASTIC! And yes, years younger! You inspire us all!! Whether it's 10# or 100#!! Thanks for sharing these!
  • Sounds weird, but drizzle a little honey on top, sprinkle with cinnamon. Yum! Makes a great protein breakfast. Too bad it's so high in sodium, though. :(
  • Gotta try the Vegetable Masala Burger in the frozen section ... next to the veggie burgers. I eat one with a pile of steamed broccoli on top. Yum! Kinda high in sodium, but if you watch the rest of your meals, it's a great splurge!
  • Anything Lady Gaga!
  • For dress pants, Ann Taylor LOFT "Julie" and "Marisa" fits ... they are my go-to pants. Can't go wrong. Also, someone told me about Maurice's jeans -- you can even probably wear a size smaller in those. Those, too, were a find! Good luck!