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  • Saturday Track: yes Under: yes Exercise: 90 minute walk with the dog; 12,200 steps Comments: trying hard to get my steps in as we are currently in lockdown so its keeping me mentally healthy as well as physically healthy. X
  • 2020mumof4 Week 2 weigh in PW: 281.8 CW: 279.8 😊 slow and steady 👣🙌 x
  • Hi everyone! I don't comment on here everyday (I try but with 4 children, 3 currently home schooled due to Covid restrictions) a full time job and finishing my degree, my life is a little hectic to say the least! However, I am tracking my food and so far so good. Counting calories is all totally new to me so some days are…
  • Hi everyone just catching up with the posts now, well done everyone! I havent been logging everyday I have had s super busy week....we are currently in lockdown here and I have 4 children to homeschool plus finishing my degree, writing my assignments and completing my final placement! Yikes it's been busy and I'm so glad…
  • Username: 2020mumof4 Week: 1 PW =285.8 CW=281.8
  • Hello everyone!!! Total newbie to calorie counting here, spent years doing slimming world, WW etc and although they work for a while it's not sustainable for the long term! I had my youngest child 9 months ago and have a lot of weight to lose to here goes.........😊 xx
  • 2020mumof4 Wednesday weigh in Start weight: 285.8