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  • Thank you everyone! This is the most support I've honestly ever had ❤ it's a struggle but I've lost 30lbs so far actually since July. I always feel like it should be more, and I haven't lost anything since end of January now. I did recently buy a food scale to weigh everything out! So hopefully that helps. I do have a hard…
  • Hmmm maybe that's the issue. I think I have it set to sedentary. My steps vary. Monday- 11,000 Tue-9560 Wed-13,200 Thu- 7,800 Is it possible I'm not eating enough and my body is holding onto the weight? I haven't lost anything in a month. Idk if that's a myth or not lol. Thank you so much for all your replies!
  • I run a inhome daycare so I am moving alot! It does tell me when I'm in fat burn zone when I'm exercising. Because I am 360 my heart rate does go up alot. Not sick and the only medication I have is birth control and synthroid. I did not set up any custom zones
  • Thank you everyone! 😊
  • Nope! It would tell me right? Hahaha
  • Yes! I've emailed and waited on the phone for 40 min and then got connected and disconnected, so was trying my luck here haha
  • I appreciate the advice! It's never fun discussing weight especially when you are so obese like myself. But I had to get over that many years ago so I don't take offense now. Lol. Thank you ❤
  • I guess it's just the realization that I had to be eating way more then 2500 to have got here. And now that I'm trying to live a better life and change my lifestyle, 2500 seems like a lot. Thanks for the input.
  • Thanks everyone for being so nice and helpful ❤
  • Yes I record every single thing, and weigh it as well. Good idea with the scale! I'll try that! I have started walking again about a week ago ( an hour minimum) I do have thyroid issues, but I wouldn't think it would cause me 2 weeks of the scale not budging. I am female, and it is possible masking the progress, although I…
  • All of that is so true. Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me, it means alot! I feel better now 😁
  • Okay thank you. I'll check it now! I know 2lbs a week is good, and healthy. I just thought it would be more at first. It's hard to be this big and when I lose 20lbs I feel no different but someone else loses 20 I can definitely tell lol. I just need to chill and focus.
  • Hmmm maybe I did make an error somewhere. I'm 34, and 5'5. I'll try to go back and see if I messed up. Thank you! I'm doing better then I thought with 1500. I know 2lbs a week is a good weightloss, I just always feel like it's not good enough.
  • Sorry forgot to add yes I weigh everything:)
  • I just put in my weight, age, etc and selected to lose 2lbs a week and it says 2500 calories I can consume. I also put it on sedentary because I'm not exercising yet. I do have a low active thyroid so I know my Metabolism is super slow. I actually have thyroid cancer, and finding that out was a huge reason why I've been…
  • Hi! That's amazing! I can't wait to have accomplishments like you!
  • Hi I'm Amanda. I've struggled with food and losing weight almost my whole life. But when I had my kids 13 and 14 years ago I gained a 100lbs per pregnancy. Now I'm at 385 and recently lost 12 pounds this past month but I have a long way to go. I found out a month ago I have thyroid cancer. I need to lose a good amount of…
  • I also have hypo. It's hard. I also found out I have thyroid cancer :/ all this thyroid stuff does make it harder for us, but I know we can do it. Feel free to friend request me and we can do it together ❤
  • I also have hashimoto disease and a hypothyroid. So my metabolism is next to nothing. I was hoping being on a medication like synthroid, would actually help me, but I guess we will see. Thank you for all your advice, I appreciate it immensely.
  • So true! I do find myself thinking way to in advance. Focusing on today and maybe having smaller goals might definitely help. Thank you!
  • Thank you so much ❤