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  • That would be great! I take any new tool😊 .
  • Thanks speyerj. I must say that I probably have a fot to learn about macros. I used to eat an awful lot of carbohydrate and have upped the protein a little but really concentrated on the calories. I probably made a mistake in the sense that I decided to trust science and never weighed myself till 3 weeks ago so I do not…
  • That losing weight would be relatively easy but then I would feel unable to decide on a strategy to keep the weight off long term. Losing weight feels safe, going into, or towards, maintenance feels like such a risky decision! And then, I do not know how I'll ever be able to keep the weight off once I go back to my…
  • 'You are getting skinny, be careful'. I am still trying to figure out what she meant. It was coming from a lovely person and I know she meant well. On the other hand, she knows my weight loss is voluntary and not due to ill health and there is no world where my weight loss could be seen as excessive or bad for my health.
  • We are almost size twins! I am 176/177 cm tall and this morning my waist was 89.5 cm. It varies a lot from one day to another but it is the fist time in years that it was below 90. Hoping to reach 88 cm (half my height) within a couple of weeks and hopefully 85 within a couple of months. Then I'll buy a scale and depending…
  • I punched the first new hole in my belt 10 minutes ago. It is all the more important because I do not weigh myself. It means that I haven't been this slim for at least 3 years (when I wore that belt for the first time) and I am at least 3 holes slimmer than 2 months ago :) .
  • I am not really a UK person (French residing in Ireland for over 2 decades) but I find most of my favourite recipes on BBC good food ; does that count?