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Kate48Walks Member


  • I have found that my weight fluctuates daily up and down also. I weigh each morning but I "officially" count my weight on Friday mornings. That is the day I mark my weight loss/gain for the week. You are doing well losing 5 pounds in a month. Keep it going!!
  • JJ start out with a simple change to your diet. Simply start by cutting back on some carbs first. It can be less pasta or less bread or simply stop drinking sugary sodas. Eating lower carbs and eating more protein will help you feel full and you will lose weight. Take baby steps.
  • I am familiar with OMAD also. I do OMAD four times a week but that one meal is low carbs and has a calorie count of 1000. Eating egg whites is good protein but you need more to that meal if you want to remain healthy. By not eating enough your metabolism will slow and you will not lose any weight. Your idea is good but you…
  • Hello I suffered with food allergies for many years also. I finally went to an allergist who confirmed my suspicions that I was allergic to many different foods. I have OAS ( Oral Allergy Syndrome) which means I can't eat most foods raw. Example raw apples NO but baked apples yes. Swollen lips itchy throat and mouth and…
  • MFP Starting Weight:181 October starting weight:181 October total weight loss: FRIDAYS 10/2 181# 10/9 10/16 10/23 10/30