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rawdonma Member


  • In 2017 I lost nearly 50 lbs primarily from walking. I was managing my diet at 3,000 calories and walking 12,000 steps per day. I am one of those heavy to start people. I started dieting in October maintaining a 2,250 calorie diet and easing back up to 5,000 steps. That has barely maintained my weight. With MyFitnessPlan,…
  • I will take your challenge. I weighed 270.9 on New Year's Day. I turn 70 on Wednesday. I would very much like to be 240 in March. My final goal weight is 205. I am using MyFitnessPal (food tracking & plan), iPhone (Health steps) and an Oura ring (sleep, steps, activity and heartrate). From what I saw in comments, it sounds…