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  • Having blood pressure readings that are always good is a major victory.
  • I've been improving my eating, increasing my level of fitness, and I've seen enough gains that I no longer buy the lie that 'I'll just have one' or 'I'll start tomorrow'. That was without a doubt what held me back for so long.
  • Walking. Doesn't have to be fast, just get into the habit of it. I throw on a good podcast or audiobook and the time just flies by. Work your way up to a 30-minute walk, then 45 minutes, then an hour. Then do it regularly. You don't have to do major hardcore workouts, just do something more than you would have done. Your…
  • How people just tell me things. Friends, family, strangers on the bus, and all kinds of people in between. People seem to have the feeling that it's ok to confide in me about all kinds of things from the mundane to the really crazy. I feel really good about that!