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  • Morning everyone. I'm peaking out the curtains at the rain. Another tedious Zoom call for work, or go on 'Busy' and sneak a bike ride in? I guess I'd better be good and crack on with work. :D
  • With no Covid, I would be doing cyclo-cross as it's winter, so my training would involve sprints around my local wood on one of my CX bikes, rather than longer road rides on my winter road bike, which is what I'm doing at the moment. Other than that, it wouldn't change much.
  • I've got a Huawei Watch GT. It was a Father's Day present. Before tha, I'd made do with a HRM chest strap and the Wahoo app in my phone. My magic man sweat used to somehow eat chest HRM straps, and I've been through loads; cheap, expensive, in between - it was getting a bit tiresome, and so far, the watch is a lot more…
  • Yes, like you, I find they go hand in hand. I run / cycle more to help the calorie burn, thus I get fitter, thus I can run / cycle further more comfortably / thus I loose more weight About a stone and a half, going by previous experience, but its about getting the right level of fitness / clothes size rather than absolute…
  • My current measure of success is weight loss, and exercise performance. March(ish) last year I went and got measured for a suit for our wedding planned in July. I had managed to keep my summer svelte physique due to doing cyclocross over winter. The the pandemic hit, and the made to measure suit arrived. No problems…
  • Mine it's cycling (slowly), running (badly) and going for walks with my family. And beer at the weekends. :D
  • Hi from lovely Lincolnshire. Just joined, feel free to follow me, anyone! :)