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  • Determined to get back on track. I will quit the e-cigarette tomorrow. Even although I have fell back onto these things when my mental health has taken a dip, I know they won't help my recovery. I will instead lean on the counselling, CBT and my medication. Cigarette free ~ 3 days Alcohol free ~ 2 days Coffee free ~ 12…
  • I've had one counselling session so far. I seen her on Wednesday. She comes out to the house which is nice. While I'm glad to be opening up to someone, it's been hard. The fridge at home was stocked with beer (my OH had purchased it for the football) after my first session was over I drank 2 beers and smoked some more…
  • Me too ! Thank you 🤗
  • Thank you X
  • Thanks @Sinisterbarbie1 ❣️ I am going back onto medication for my mental health and I'm booked in for counselling. All positives. I'm not a big fan of taking medication and I'm not keen to use anything like that for alcohol. It's a good option for many others though it's just not for me, especially now I will be taking…
  • My mental health has taken another dip. I have been feeling increasingly stressed at work. I think the idea of becoming a senior practitioner made me feel a lot of pressure. Work hasn't been easy but I have just kept pushing on. I have reached the point I need to speak to my doctor. I used alcohol and cigarettes but I…
  • As a way to manage a lot of stress I turned to alcohol and cigarettes again. This was on Friday night after work. Not mad. Just disappointed. I need to reflect and re-group. Back on the wagon today.
  • Same to you. Glad to be on this sobriety journey with you and everyone on our thread 💖 its like a wee sober family 😊
  • Hi @TJC1979 friend request sent 😊 Glad you have decided to join our little group here. Sobriety isn't always straight forward or easy but by heck, it's worth it !! I think it's also better to do it with some support either in person or online. Sober Instagram is extremely helpful and supportive I would recommend you check…
  • @SunnyDays930 there is no 'fail' or 'failure' in what we are doing. Just put one foot in front of the other.
  • Glad you had a good time while away SunnyDays930. It could have been worse. At least you didn't return to smoking. You have at least got that 1 thing hammered down. A lake house sounds brilliant! Wouldn't mind one of them myself lol.
  • @Sinisterbarbie1 talking about libraries.... 😬 My bookshelf is a A-Z of self help books, books about miracles too...books about the brain..... I got a little carried away. I am addicted to self help books 🙈😂 It's actually my hobby now. I love reading them!
  • Hangover free Sundays are the best. We went on a nature walk yesterday it was lovely.
  • 🌻 Monday Motivation 🌻
  • I've done it! (Again 😬) 28 days nicotine free (the magic number apparently for long term nicotine freedom). I have been re-reading nicotine explained. What I am amazed by is that each time I have read that book (roughly 4 times now) my understanding of it has changed. I feel like I have a deeper understanding of my…
  • I've got a good manager. I am so grateful that she has pushed me forward. I probably wouldn't have done it myself.
  • @Sinisterbarbie1 great post. I will definitely re-read what you wrote several times. So true. I have done a lot of inner work and healing throughout my sobriety journey (my healing was only possible because I put the bottle down). I still have a ways to go and I'm committed to working through that. Currently I am…
  • Ideas instead of reaching for things like cigarettes, alcohol, drugs or sugar etc ❣️
  • AA founder Bill Wilson said.... "Resentment is a luxury that the alcoholic can ill afford." A workmate who attends AA meetings told me to pray for those I have resentment towards. Well today I actually did prey for them and it worked ! I felt better, and I had a more positive interaction with them. 🤷🏼‍♀️🙏❣️ This is a…
  • @Sinisterbarbie1 thank you so much for your encouragement. I really appreciate it 🙏 😊 ❣️
  • @SunnyDays930 enjoy your trip away, hope you have a lovely time. Best of luck sticking to your AF goals. Enjoy your Heineken 00 🍺 You can do it !! X 🌷
  • ^^ video showing ecig V smoking
  • @Sinisterbarbie1 I don't mind answering your question best I can. My understanding is that the e-cigarette provides the 'hand to mouth' motion that smokers can struggle with. They can really miss that. Another thing e-cigarette provides is the 'throat hit' and vapour which resembles the smoke. I have seen videos showing…
  • Starting from tomorrow, I'm going to re-read my nicotine explained book, by William Porter. Love that book. I just want to cement in my mind all the reasons not to return to smoking. I am painfully aware of how easy it is for me to fall straight back into my old patterns (especially when stressed). So I want to give myself…
  • I've got some good news..... My partner wants to quit smoking, too !! He's had a few slight to moderate health issues (unrelated to smoking) and its given him the push to want to bin the nicotine. I've got a quit buddy YAY 😁😆 He quits not this weekend, but next....
  • 😊😊😁😁
  • I love beaches ⛱️ 😍 💙 I can't wait until January 2023 so I can head back to Dominican Republic 😁
  • That's a double success 🙌 🙌
  • 🌻Monday Motivation🌻
  • @Sinisterbarbie1 I have developed a peaceful morning routine. I wake up early (to avoid beginning the day with a sense of lack. I don't need to rush around lacking time, I've got plenty time). I eat breakfast (something healthy) and have a green tea. (I quit lemon water as I started to worry about my tooth enamel !) Then I…