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  • Congratulations! That is quite an accomplishment. I had to break it down to 8 minutes per 500 yards (or 1:36 per 100 yards) to appreciate it. That is an impressive pace to keep up for 3.5 hours!
  • I'm sorry you are feeling discouraged. Keep it up and you'll get there! Along with others, I've found that MFP overestimates the calories I burn while exercising. If I want to lose weight, I can't eat back my exercise calories. I've also found that feeling hungry at first is part of the process while I reset my internal…
  • It took me a few weeks longer than I had hoped but I did get there this week - I'm officially not obese! Yay! My next (semi) mini goal is to get to the 50 lbs lost mark. It will likely take me through the summer but I'm determined to make it!
  • That I'd be able to get out of the car much easier. I drive a mid-sized sedan and struggled to get out of it at my heaviest. I dreaded having someone park next to me because I wanted the door opened ALL THE WAY before I climbed inside. Now that I'm half way to my goal weight I can effortlessly and gracefully climb inside…
  • I love this, very well stated!
  • I set a mini goal at the beginning of the year to lose 20 lbs in 12 weeks. My work clothes didn't fit and I knew that I would have to start working in the office again. Today I met my goal even though I've been back in the office for a few weeks! Yay! I'm a few pounds away from leaving obese territory so that is my next…
  • Amazing! Even with all the cards stacked against you, you have found a way to succeed! I wish you the best of luck in figuring out a root cause for your hunger and hope you can find someone to help unpack all the emotional baggage too.
  • Thanks for your post. I identify with your story because I lived it almost exactly! Like you, I gained 20 pounds during the pandemic, set a goal in January 2021 to lose the extra weight and am nearing completion. I still have 3 pounds to lose but seeing your success has encouraged me to finish strong and then keep going!
  • I attended a funeral in mid December 2020 and was barely able to fit into my black suit. I wasn't able to button up the pants (trousers) and had to hope my zipper and belt would keep them up because I didn't have anything else to wear. That terrible experience was one motivating factor to start tracking again. Today I…
  • Amazing and inspiring! I'm living your life in reverse but hoping to turn back time. Swim team in high school helped me stay at 165 lbs, lean and muscular. The intervening 20 years of college and a desk job have given me my Dad-bod where I topped out at 225 lbs. I'm down to 210 lbs in a few months and looking forward to…