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  • Rick, I totally understand your frustration. I'm in a similar situation, down only 3 pounds since January. Do you want the weight back? Of course not, neither do I. Imo, weight can and will change daily based upon water/fluid intake, salt consumption, carbohydrates eaten and exercise (sore muscles will hold fluids, I've…
  • Mixed peel is fruit rind, pith removed, that is candied. Meaning it's boiled in sugar water. Lemon rind, orange, any reasonably thick fruit rind. hth
  • Staying in the 170's as got in today at 179.9! Haven't seen that in about 25+ years.
  • Welcome to Onederland!!!
  • This hot and sour soup - made a few changes, less oil, no fried wonton strips, no bamboo shoots, used white mushrooms, only 2-3 drops of sesame oil in each bowl and used 2 bouillon cubes for 8 cups water. Quite low in calories, imo, and delicious!
  • @Noreenmarie1234 - while I also love hot sauces (have 7 different ones in use right now!!!) that may be an awful lot of salt consumed in 2 days. For fruit like apples, pineapple, pears and so on, we season with 'Tajin with lime' a powder used frequently in Mexico as well as Chamoy mild sauce, also a Tajin product.
  • Breaking through 185 and looking forward to 180 - wearing the regular size 14 Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda style jeans more often since they will soon be too big!! Down from women's size 20 last January.
  • @bionicrooster and @bad_w0lf DH found after the hip replacement, doing the recommended exercises daily and using an exercise bike, initially without resistance, to be helpful. After 6 weeks of using the walker was able to graduate to the cane. May I suggest keeping a detailed written log of meds taken and the time to be…
  • @RosyBest Yes!! isn't it wonderful that dropping weight can drastically (in my case) lower blood pressure!! And a pulse rate of 51 too! Good for you!
  • Hellmann's lemon Za'atar vinaigrette!! 50 calories per 15ml - the taste is equally amazing on romaine lettuce and chicken! Glad I was able to get a $1 off coupon for it too.
  • Half a toasted bagel, scant teaspoon butter, 1 ounce cream cheese, 1/2 thin slice white onion, 2 teaspoons capers, 50 grams smoked salmon, 2 cups orange pekoe tea!
  • I get on the scale every single day, log everything that goes into my mouth and usually before I eat so I can see how much room there is to enjoy all the foods, and exercise daily even if its a leisurely 20 minute saunter (the person I often walk with was needing a hip replacement and could not walk quickly). Dinner menus…
  • Had to eat out for 3 days of fast food near a hospital, stayed within calories, somehow. Not much food compared to what I eat at home so made it count. A noodle restaurant was highly recommended, since I didn't know what the macro counts were decided to eat from a place I did know.
  • Started Jan 3 2021 at 236, 65 yo female, 5'8". November 1, 193.2 up 0.3 from October 1. DH had hip replacement late November, ate 3 days of fast food near hospital, stayed within calories, somehow. Not much food compared to what I eat at home so made it count. Over a week without using the rowing machine, some walking, not…
  • Hot sauces - Sriracha, Valentina's, a mango-habanero, Tajin chamoya, tom-yum soup flavoring (it's almost a hot sauce), Thai red curry paste, chili powder, spicy paprika... put that stuff on everything!!
  • If you are going over on calories by snacking, try brushing your teeth after dinner. Nothing tastes right after brushing, imo!!
  • oooh, sounds so yummy!! Will try that! made some applesauce with Gala apples we really didn't care for, put in a cinnamon stick while it simmered for 30 minutes and wow, what spice it added!! Made the house smell amazing too. We prefer eating Ambrosia apples, crisp and crunchy, bit sweet, bit tart. DH sprinkles his apple…
  • @cory17 If it's after dinner, a 16oz mug of chai tea or chocolate chai teas with or without sweetner. For me, thirst sometimes feels like hunger and I try not to eat after 7:30pm until breakfast. When I'm really snacky I go brush my teeth. Nothing tastes right after toothpaste. DH snacks on Activia after dinner.
  • Hello October!! Hit another new low today of 192.9 down 2.6 last month in a difficult month. Too many days of not eating well and not being able to exercise. Got me a rowing machine, walking was causing lots of muscle pain, think was overdoing it. Trying to supersize salads at lunch and occasional dinner. Onward and lower!!
  • Guess I'm going to be ousted from this group - broken through 200, now in Onderland! DH thinks the new size 14(!) jeans (down from size 20W) will only fit until the new year as he is hoping/encouraging another 15 of me will be gone for a total loss of 55 in one year. @cpnknight - that's an awful way to lose, glad you are…
  • @MrsG1994 While you cannot change the current mess the world is in, you can change you. When you worked through your childhood traumas, which is a very huge accomplishment, you probably did it step by step with a plan and possibly with help. Even though you say you've got nothing this time, you have already made a big step…
  • Thanks for posting this, exactly what I've been looking for!
  • Went for a walk, 100 degrees by the humidex, was planning for the 4km 'flat' walk and the feet decided to take the hill walk instead!!
  • Happy for you - great that better choices make better decisions and produce more inspiration. Had been getting very disheartened with a plateau last month, kept with the walking, good food choices and logging of same and BAM!! Blasted through the plateau and very close to Onederland today at 201!!
  • Hello again, it's been a while since June 8th when I was last here. Have continued to log foods, watching what I'm eating, eating back some of my exercise calories, increased protein a bit and increased walking distance and speed. It's quite flat here but by starting to walk 2 nearby hills, have made some progress reaching…
  • Unflavored 2% greek yogurt mixed with granulated onion and a bit of salt makes a really good dip for raw veggies!
  • Many years ago in a WW meeting where I complained about my low weight loss in one week was asked, 'do you want it back?' No, of course not! Good for you in keeping with your good diet and exercise routines - today it paid off for you! Yes, we can do this!! Looking forward to your continued successes!
  • Well, most of May has been a write-off. Started at 213 and will likely miss my goal of 206 as today was 209. Birthday black forest cake was too much. Finding its easier to walk my distance in less time so upping distance but FP is reducing the calories being burned!! Still, progress being made. Upping my protein intake as…
  • So I'm not the only one to weigh daily!! Keeps me focused, I can see what is working, eating enough protein seems key for me, without an unhappy surprise on weigh-in day if it were weekly. Slow and steady is working. Have a mini-goal each month, 6 pounds, and since January 2021 its been met.
  • Starting weight 236 January 3 2021, interim goal 200 by July 1, final goal 160, and 5'8" at age 65 Restarted MFP and logging everything. Today, 2nd day at 214, slow and steady, only person who sees me is DH due to Covid lockdown, he says he sees a difference. Me, not at all. Was terribly disappointed when we re-took my…