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  • Wet wild and wooly weather down here at the moment. I had to go out yesterday to shop and meet with the Lady who will be house sitting for me. I got soaked both times. I managed to bring a weeks worth of fire wood into the sun room and cut a little kindling this morning before the heavens opened again, the wood is damp but…
  • Evening all. Yesterday was BUSY. Drove to Ulverstone for Pilates mat class then a full day at work. Drove to Burnie for an appointment with my doctor in her new rooms. Drove to Devonport for ballet class then home finally about 8pm. The fire had long gone out so the house was freezing... Today was work and then tap class,…
  • I hope June is a more successful month for me. I have been about 400-600 calories in defeceit every day for three weeks and have only shifted one kilogram. Off to the doctor today for a med check. I will see if she has any magic bullets but I think not. I just want to fit into my ski pants in 7weeks... :( Al in Tassie
  • I started out Cross country many years ago then got into ski patrol and started to telemark. I now do about 90% resort telemark so downhill but with free heels, 5% cross country on the skinny skis and 5% Alpine just because I have the gear and should use it. I rarely ski in Tas these days as the snow is so unreliable. I…
  • Hi there, getting a wee bit chilly here in the deep south of Aus isn't it? I spent Sunday sliding around on snow and ice up on Cradle Mountain, stunning day but driving up was treacherous with ice all over the road. First official day of winter tomorrow, bring it on, I want to skiiiiiiii.
  • Evening all, new here, just wanting to introduce myself. I'm 54 and living near Devonport, Tasmania, Australia. I do Pilates, Ballet, Tap dancing and heaps of hiking but my main passion is telemark skiing. Menopause and some nasty medication have seen me stack the weight on so I am on a journey to try and curb the gain and…