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  • Mines open too although half term has been hectic and I haven't filled it in as consistently as usual. Feel free to add me and if I can work out how to add you guys I will!
  • Hi 👋 I'm from Lincolnshire and would love some UK friends as no-one knows im6doing this! Not even the hubby!
  • Hi from Lincolnshire. Would love some friends as no-one knows I'm doing this! Not even the hubby!
  • Just joined up (again) as a spur of the moment decision. Would love some friends as no-one knows I'm doing this not even the hubby! First day and not bad considering I only joined up this afternoon. UK friends would be great especially if your diary is able to be viewed but any help and motivation is welcome
  • Me! I need to lose around 8st but can't seem to shift any although the tape measure is showing great results! I need to do loads of exercise to shift the weight so building that up!
  • Hi everyone. After losing loads of weight last summer when my gallbladder was really painful I've now lost the gallbladder and gained the weight and am the heaviest I've ever been :-( I've been a member before on here but never really made the most of it so here goes! Would love some friends from the UK!