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  • Keep it up, sounds like you are doing a good job with 25lbs down in 43 days! I started MFP ten days ago and I’ve lost 2.5 lbs. I don’t understand all the nutrition terms either. I don’t think I will ever learn to re-distribute my fat/protein/carbs distribution. I feel like logging my food and using that tracking to keep me…
  • I have a 10 day holiday starting next week and I’m hoping I can focus on eating well and exercising almost every day! That’s my goal!
  • MFP was recommended online. I joined a week ago. I’m tracking. I have no friends yet. I’m 2 lbs down, so it’s working so far! I need to keep it up!
  • Don’t you need rest days? I have never heard of people running every day. Is that common or are you promoting every day running? I used to run most days when I was 15-25 (20 yrs ago). I bought a treadmill 6 mo ago and am running 5km 3x a week. I’m working on adding more days!
  • Dear All, New to MFP. I started last Thursday. I’m trying to lose 55 lbs. I’m on track for 2 lbs this week. I can see from the app that staying within my calories is not a challenge for me, exercising is. I used to be an avid runner 20 yrs ago. I have a treadmill (which is not the same as running outside). Mostly it’s…