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  • Blogilates!!!! Cassey Ho is PHENOMENAL!
  • What worked for me today: I stayed busy working on a craft project so I wasn't tempted to snack and watch TV all day. It ended up being a relaxing day that I enjoyed and didn't overeat! I even had enough calorie wiggle room for a cookie after dinner! I also made sure to track my meals BEFORE eating them. It saved me from a…
  • Soup! Make a big batch than portion out and freeze leftovers for future meals. Invest in a steamer and good seasonings. Nothing is as easy and delicious as lemon steamed chicken and veggies. This is easily translated to a baking sheet in the oven too! Taco Salads spaghetti squash with tomato sauce ground turkey lettuce…
  • -Breakfast Power Muffins -Apples and Yogurt -Hard boiled eggs and fruit -Steamed veggies and scrambled eggs -pre made and frozen egg cups, breakfast Sammie or burrito -overnight oats -oatmeal...either crockpot or quick oats with raisins and almond milk. If I am feeling sassy I will add berries.
  • Please feel free to add me as a friend and look at my diary. I am a consistent tracker that TRIES to stay in the 1200-1500 calorie range. This will shift depending on what is going on in my life 😀 As a runner, if I am ramping up miles or my training calorie, and carb, intake will adjust. Also, if I am at family functions…
  • I always look on Pinterest for recipes geared towards runners. They tend to want to lean out instead of bulk up. Ground turkey lettuce cups ground turkey and sweet potato shepards pie sweet potato avocado toast vegetable chili veggie lasagna ratatouille shakshuka steamed chix and veg with lemon
  • I would love to have more friends!! Please add me and we can rock this journey together :)
  • Hello from a recovering WW member! looking forward to embracing this app and the community while navigating my weight loss journey. I am a 38 year old Oregonian. A turtle Runner with 40lbs to lose :) I love cooking, reading and spending time with family. Epic Catan battle weekends are the best!