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  • Are you taking measurments? When I went from 250 to 175 pounds there were several plateau's. Some were weeks long! Measuring (chest, waist, hips) was the proof that I was still moving in the right direction even though the scale was stalled.
  • My daily weight loss/gain is HUGELY affected by what I eat after supper. Although I am not a person that practices fasting, I do consider after supper as no-eat-time. I would suggest more protein for supper as the best way to combat evening hunger pangs. If I lose the willpower battle and have to have a snack, I like…
  • 60 seconds of push-ups at the office at the scheduled times of 9AM and 3PM and whenever/if my Apple Watch ever says TIME TO STAND UP.
  • SPOILER ALERT - I am too old to be posting this as I am way over 45 y.o. Before and after pics - 250 pounds & 175 pounds. I lost 75 pounds in 18 months doing:* Keto - weight fell off, about 35 pounds, but I missed carbs * Weight Watchers - still lost weight at a steady pace, about 15 more pounds, but cutting out fat was…
  • I would love to share how I lost 75 pounds in 18 months, but…I am 61 years old and way too old to be of any value on this post restricted to people between 18-45 year old.
  • Started doing push-ups at the office every M-W-F at 9:00 and 3:00. The goal is to do as many as you can in 60 seconds...Then get back to work. It gets the blood pumping and is not very "office-disruptive"
  • Don't be afraid to stay on Day 1 for a while. Once you are confident with Day 1 (maybe a week or two down the road - at most), then go ahead and start the remaining days. It is a simple program that works.
  • I am a long time MFP on-and-off user. I noticed the change as well. Don’t care for it as much as the simple format from before. It also takes a lot longer to load and I can’t see how many new posts anymore. Even so, this change is not nearly as bad as when MFP added all of the Blog-clogs to my feed.