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  • Aussie guy looking for friends who are interactive, who will like and comment, as I will do the same to support u! Not just faces on a list 😄. Here to help, support, care, keep u accountable, laugh and cry! 💪🔥❤️ Let's go!
  • T'was the night before Christmas that I decided I need some more fabulous people in my life! * aussie - yes * am fun - yes * motivated - yes * genuine, respectful, real - YES * happy - trying my best * fitness freak - u got it!
  • Hi Lisa, nice to meet you. I am Chris in Australia. I am looking for friends as we move into 2023!
  • IGY6, i know about PTSD. Sorry you have suffered from this also. Here to support you my friend. Take care of yourself. Here to keep you accountable if you like!
  • Hi Lulubelle, you know better than many that life can be a struggle! Well done for being courageous and reaching out and sharing your story. Fitness, health and eating well can be like a roller coaster at times. If you like I can help and support you on your journey to discovering the new you through friendship and advice…