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  • Weigh-in Day: Monday PW: 197.6 CW: 196.6 Been busy with 12-hour duties, so very little time and energy to rest and recover. But I was able to squeeze in 3 workout days 🥳 Cardio has been focused on running and treadmill but this week I’ll start incorporating jump rope too. Hope yall are having an amazing week!
  • Weigh-in day: Monday PW: 198 CW: 197.6 Hey everyone, I’m Hanna 28/F and I’m a healthcare provider. I have work and career goals to focus on, but this year I reached my heaviest weight. So I consulted back with my nutritionist after 10 years and I’m glad I found a group to share this journey. 🤗 My ultimate goals include: -…
  • Hey yall, I’m Hanna 28 y/o and it’s been wonderful to join the team! I've recently consulted back with my nutritionist after 10 years :# since I’m in my highest weight ever for the majority of the year. I'm currently working on tracking and keeping my food diary updated. I get highly motivated when I’m in a group so I hope…
  • MFP USER NAME: soaness YOUR CHOSEN WEIGH-IN DAY: November 28, 2022 YOUR CURRENT WEIGHT: 198 lb YOUR ORIGINAL STARTING WEIGHT (highest weight ever): 202.4 lb TEAM PREFERENCE: None