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  • Most the time i log it. but sometimes i have to just wing it and know i blown the lid off my cap.
  • Ketoacidosis only happens if your body in unable to produce insulin, The main thing is high levels of uric acid(from using the protein to form ATP) in the blood stream is hard on the kidneys, + the effort of holding in high levels of proteins,, and the calcium lose. But generally speaking if you urine is clear to light…
  • There are a lot of confusing signals from different schools of nutrition on this topic. 1200 is a bit low, but for 5'2" and deficit its reasonable, A few things you want to NOT do is 1) reduce fat intake to 0, - Although you might see instant results, in the long run it has a devastating effect on LDL/HDL cholesterol…
  • Ive teeth that are designed to tear flesh, so i do, I've a heart and mind to be compassionate, so I am. All things in moderation, Ive yet to see a 90yo who ate only a vegan or a carnivore lifestyle, and yes i ask. Peas, highly underrated in today's world. Id be more concerned with the source nation of your food, and its…
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  • I lost 85 lbs over the last 3 years, but have put on a good 30-35lbs of muscle too. If you ever feel like what your doing isn't working.. document it, adjust it, set a new 8 week goal and go for it. it will all fall off before you know it. The hardest part of it is telling your family No, and your friends No, and your co…
  • 6 pack, and some rear delts that pops.
  • I never get sore, I eat 1.3gxlb LBM. In 40g increments, one of which is 30 min before gym(7am) and one an hour after. I think if your goal is to burn fat avoid any post insuline spiking post workout for at least an hour. But none of this effects you being sore the next day. DOMS is a condition resulting from the…
  • 100 is biggest my gym has to offer with out switching to the squat rack(even though we have 3, i refuse to do)or use the w bars. Which I do120's on Tri day for some muscle condition but not really to focus on bi's, I use dumbbells for bis with pull ups
  • The carb to protein is near 50:50, if wight loss is your goa,l I'd avoid eating carbs 2-4 hours post workout, and before bed if you sleep less then 7 hours. It's a good maintance and bulking recovery blend, but I'd suggest using whey or casein powders, and avoid all pre mixed proteins
  • I was raised by a single mom, and it took me 35 years to get into a gym, I say go, teach him good form, stay under 40lbs to prevent stunted bone development, and expose him to men you want him to learn from, and if those men can't play well with others point it out to him and keep on going. Going once you are in the way.…
  • Cardio, has only one goal, impove heart function and keep red blood cell count high. This only requires one season(120-155bpm, depending on age) every 3rd day. Anything more is counter productive (unless your goal is to look emaciated)
  • As long as your protein profile includes multiple sources you'll be fine. Legumes, and fish are often overlooked but do contain amino acids not present in poultry or beef sources.
  • I have to agree with Tross and Nymph, 8 8 7, is more of an endurance issue on that last rep. Tri's can assist on that lift with use of a barbell, alternating DB and BB is always good. One thing i didn't see mentioned is Deloading.
  • Out of curiosity, how often and long are you doing cardio? or a structured fat bun on say an elliptical machine each week?
  • Ive lost 80 total in the past 3 years. You have to body-build and do Cardio to get your body to consume the skin. Unless you take drugs. your not going to end up looking like a man. Don't worry about bulking up. Research form and go at it. Keep in mind coming from husky, your legs are your assests, they have the most mass…
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  • I think your gains are good, keep in mind tendons and cartilage take time to catch up to newly acquired strength.
  • For long term stamina you might research omega fats, and CoQ10 for maintaining heart health during a long cut. I found both to be vital in maintaining high motivation. (but then again i was a smoker for 15 years)
  • There are quite a few girls who lift in the free wights area at my gym. but it can change drastically based on the hour in which you go. Like muscles. enter-personal relations take time, effort, and form. Putting a quick smile on your face the moment after you bust someone staring goes a long ways. Think of it as a quick…
  • I work around walk in frezzers that get down to -15 all year around. Its more noticable minus the 60 lbs, Just eep in mind the temporary heat lose is just more cal burning. (you just dont want blue lips) Once you embrace it like the pain of lifting its easy. Just a new sensation is all.
  • Its not wrong. just not all enclusive. My consern was that his snack notes showed 90g intakes and i was only wondering if it was for multiple snack times. Keeping in mind the 80 20 rule here.
  • Oh you got it all wrong. Next time one of them guys leaves their wieghts on the bar you tell "Hey. im not your moma. Put that up" That bar should be empty when you start and leave. ;)
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  • Baby it for a bit. the few weeks it will set you back is nothen to the 9-12 months the tear and surgery will do to you. If you do wraps.. think of them like a crutch. set a 4 week limit on them and then put them up.
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  • It sucks man. but I can tell you it gets less with time, and in a couple weeks you wont get it at all. Do alot of post streching in the meantime.
  • Not familure with your stack. and only saw one red meat in the past week. are you on a creatine loading cycle?. When was your last week off? for most people the max amount of protine they can absorb is 30-40g in a 4 hour period. Are you splititng up your snack times? to prevent overlap on your intake?
  • I always leave the gym exausted. Dizzy is bad. Deffenitly check your breathing. Utube it if you want the standard for that type. Check your diet. make sure your getting 3k potasium and sodium if your going to be sweatting that day. bannana smothies with your whey shake, or take a V8 to the gym for refule mid workout. If…