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  • I'm on Day 3. I struggled the first 2 days (carbs around 50g). I'm still struggling, but I have a strong start today. So i'm staying motivated to stay under 20g today. I am also part of the FB Keto for Badass Babes group as well.
  • I'm a Pepsi addict. One day, my dream is to say former Pepsi addict. But I'm still fighting for that title. I'm trying those "detox" waters. Water with fruit to curve my Pepsi addiction. I've done it in the pass by quitting cold turkey and going 1-2 months without a soda. Then that evil little voice in my head starts…
  • You may add me, I'm always looking for extra support and motivation.
  • I'm a Libra baby. Count me in!
  • 3 egg white omelette with fresh baby spinach and 1 chopped roma tomato. Sometimes I add a tbsp of Feta Cheese. Or I make a quick Banana and whatever fruit I have available smoothie with my nutribullet, adding milled flaxseed to it. Both takes under 15 minutes and I can munch/sip for my commute for work.
  • I'm a Pepsi addict (one day I can say former). I used to drink between 2 2-liters in a day. It put me in the hospital (TMI: Really bad urinal tract infection) for a week and ever since I've been battling to do away with soda. Today, I'm down to maybe 12-20 ounces of Pepsi a week and I make it my goal to drink half my body…