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  • I just joined yesterday! I haven't been to a meeting yet, I'm going Tuesday. I've never been a TOPS member before, so it's all new. I'm excited about it!
  • I just joined TOPS for the first time today. I go to a meeting on Tuesday. I'm excited to try something new. What does everyone have to say about TOPS? Any tips?
  • Wow!! Awesome job!!:happy:
  • My first week of using MFP and my lapband properly Ive lost 3lbs. I used to be disappointed with that amount but no more..Any loss I will be happy with. Or if I don't lose for a week or so, that'll be ok too. As long as Im doing what Im supposed to be and exercising the weight WILL come off. So far so good.. Im…
  • Ive got to try this cocoa powder/ greek yogurt thing..sounds like a great idea. Ive been wondering if greek yogurt will freeze? Also, is there no calories in the cocoa powder?
  • I also have a Lap Band. I had mine done in 4/2008. I have not been successful with it because I haven't followed the eating plan. I have to do this NOW. My health is suffering. I have high blood pressure that I take 3 meds for and it still isn't in a good range. What is your day like food wise? Sue