• Hi All.....I started Kettlebells a few years ago and did the iron core way volume one and two for 7 months, 3 times a week and in 7 months I looked great with definition and lost 20 lbs.....I stopped due to an injury and just started back up today....I am looking forward to looking good again and feeling great!!!!
    in Intros Comment by dsant72 January 2012
  • It depends on the intesity and weight being used....it says online that you can burn up to 20 calories a minute in a workout....I do a 40 min DVD and use a 15 lbs kettlebell and figure I burn around 800 or less in the workout.
  • I use a 15 lb kettle bell and have a few dvd's that I switch up every month...got great results from them....I do them 3 times a week....I stopped for a little bit due to a knee injury but need to get started again....I think today is the day....LOL