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  • 5'9 - ultimate goal weight would be 145 (size 6/8 for me), I would be happy to be in the 150's again. Started Jan 2015 at 179, down ten pounds from then. Add me if you want!
  • I'm 5'10. Was always in the 130's through high school but had too much fun in college, CW is 173, GW is somewhere in the 140's. I started losing confidence once I hit 160.
  • I just went for the first time and I LOVED it! It's 9 different stations of 3 minutes each. Mix of cardio/strength/boxing/kickboxing. It was a good workout and only 30 minutes. I also like that there are no class times, a new round starts every 3 minutes so you can go when it is most convenient for you.
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  • Current Weight: 179 Goal for Easter: 159 Total Goal: 145
  • Hi ladies! Feel free to add me :) Looking to lose around 30 pounds, currently the heaviest I've ever been, struggling to lose the weight I gained in college. 5'9 Current/highest weight: 170 Goal weight: 140-145 Let's do this!!
  • I agree with working out or planning an activity after work! I find that if I go for a run or even a long walk with the dog and get out of the house (away from food) by the time I get back, not only is it actually time for dinner, but that I am also less hungry in general.
  • Just getting back into MFP! 23 years old, 5'9 SW: 172 CW: 169 GW: 145 Trying to lose what I gained in college and would love some support and motivation! Add me!