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  • I could have written this myself. I can lose weight fast, feel great but then I’m terrible at putting the weight back on and have always had an ‘all or nothing’ approach. This time round I’ve resolved to eat all the calories MFP advise and allow myself treats within my calorie allowance so I don’t feel so deprived. Eating…
  • Well I never.... I have thought that all my life. Guilt free coffee then
  • Yes it may be the water where I live now that I don’t enjoy as I don’t remember having this issue as a child
  • I thought as they had caffeine you lost more water than you gained when drinking?
  • I have both. I love JM, her workouts really make me feel great afterwards. I would say ripped in 30 is slightly harder and it has 4 levels whereas shred has 3. Either DVD is great though
  • Well done for quitting! I too, have recently come to the realisation that I have a problem with alcohol. It crept up on me very slowly and after a full on melt down New Year’s Day where I once again was fed up with waking up feeling like crap, I am attempting to become sober. Starting with dry January and then seeing how I…
  • I highly doubt you've put 6lb of fat on in one week if you've been counting calories and exercising. Its more likely to be water retention. What is your sodium intake like? I too, am struggling to shift excess weight at the moment but I have just started a lifting programme so I'm putting it down to my muscles storing…
  • Wine wine and more wine!! I am definitely a sucker for bread too but I have recently discovered I have a dairy and wheat allergy so have now switched to wheat-free bread. It doesn't taste as good and has helped me cut that down. When I am being really good on my diet (low carbs, no alcohol etc) I compensate with loads of…