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  • Today I'm having plain goat milk yogurt with fresh strawberries. I love the flavor of goat milk yogurt. It is like eating smooth goat cheese but much less fat and calories. And fresh strawberries in season are just amazing. Yum.
  • Have you considered that you might be gaining muscle mass? This could explain the plateau but having more muscle and less belly fat is healthy. The BMI is sometimes inaccurate for muscular men because muscle weighs so much more than fat.
  • There is a recipe builder tool on the site where you list all the ingrediants and the number of servings the dish should serve (stick to those if you want accurate results). You can save a given recipe and just add it to your daily count from your saved recipes.
  • To cube avocadoes, slice the avocado in half lengthwise and remove the pit. take a paring knife and slice about 4-5 leghtwise slices, being careful not to cut through the outer skin. Then do the same crosswise, creating a grid. Take a spoon and scoop out the avocado. It should form cubes.
  • carrot sticks and hummus protein bars apples and other fruit