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  • Or you could substitute the phulkas with corn tortillas...
  • Try brown rice--same calories but more fiber and Instead of a naan,you could eat phulkas---which are basically thinner bread made out of whole wheat and cooked on heat,no oil, no butter.Each phulka is 75 cals.
  • I weighed 156 before I got pregnant.I am in my 15th week and I am 151 now.I am so frightened that I am not able to put on weight.But,small portions fill me up and keep me full for 6 hours so that I am not able to eat more than 3 meals a day and maybe a snack.I am worried.Is this cause for concern???
  • I am 15 weeks and 2 days as of today!
  • Hey,I am not sure about the pills.But,Judging from the pics you've posted.You don't look very fat to me,let alone,'obese'.Why don't you consult another doctor before u start on these pills.Sometimes these pills can play havoc with your hormones and make you even fatter when you stop using them(though I'm not sure if the…
  • My weight is 156.6 and I want to weigh 153 in 4 weeks
  • I'm in,as well! :smile: :smile:
  • I was grossly over weight a few years back.I decided I had to lose weight at any cost.And so,I lost 23 kgs[50 pounds approx] in about a year.It was perfect.I used to eat abt 800 calories a day and used to burn all the 800 calories in the gym.And I got married after that and stopped gymming all of a sudden.That was when I…