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  • Update: I used the 'If you see a bunch of guns on the floor, they're not mine' line yesterday. I got home today to find an 'emergency notice' from my rental company on my living room floor stating they had to come in and fix a gas leak on my stove. I didn't report a gas leak... and I live alone. I wonder if the realtor…
  • A lion-shaped coffee table?! Dreams really do come true... And actually, this is coinciding with Allston new-year. Perhaps I could rig a disco ball up to look like the new-year's ball, knock it over, claim the ball has dropped and blast confetti/streamers everywhere. I might even offer some celebratory champagne!
  • I do not remember reading about that in the lease paperwork I signed but it is a possibility. That's why I am hoping to keep these light and readily identifiable as jokes :)
  • Yes, @AllonsYtotheTardis it will be happening for the next 90 days.. That is, of course, unless somebody is so blown away by the fun they discover that they cannot pass my apartment up and a new lease is signed before I am out.
  • Mostly so they have something fun to talk about. Keep in mind, I want these to be awkward/harmless. Also, living in Allston, I am sure people run into alllllll sorts of very crazy stuff. I want mine to be a light-hearted, fun kind of crazy.
  • I did not re-sign my lease and the market here is very competitive/impacted. It is not unusual for apartments to be shown a month or two in advance of a new lease being signed. They typically give me 24 hours notice, so I am hoping to use this to my advantage and come up with fun/harmless pranks.
  • Would the cat hair be pasted onto the picture over MY hair? I could probably make a sweet mustache... And I could also try to sell them on my 'patented 3-D paintings'. "Please sir! For only $19.95, I can make a picture of you that you'll be PROUD to show your mom. She can carry it around in her pocket and any time she…
  • I like where you're headed with this. Since I know when they're coming, I should get dressed for the photo shoot and have the realtor/viewers be involved in it. "I am so glad you made it! What pose should I strike first? You're the photographers, right..?" Now all I need is a Borat-esque onesie and a silver umbrella.
  • Brilliant. This one got me laughing pretty hard. I will do this one while clutching an Altoids tin and looking as though I REALLY need some sort of validation.
  • Maybe I could print out a picture of some woman and gently stroke her face every time I mention 'mama'.
  • I will write the names of the 'fish' on the baggies in Sharpie, too. Some names I am considering: Richie Ben Markie Betty
  • This is brilliant. I think I will use goldfish crackers instead of real fish, though... just to make it stranger.
  • So what if the calories I have eaten are the reason I am exercising? Like.. I have to eat for the calories I will exercise off, but the only reason I am exercising is because i ate? If I just don't eat and don't exercise, will the future be overrun by evil robots?