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  • Started Level 2 on's def an increase from Level 1 but hey.... I'm hanging in there and I like it!!!!
    in 30DS Level 2 Comment by AUFlo May 2012
  • Good morning! I haven't checked in since day Level 1 Day 1 but I've been doing it! Today when I get home I'll do L1 D9!!! I'll be starting L2 on Monday!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK EVERYBODY!!!:smile:
  • Okay! Day 1 Level 1 COMPLETED!!!:smile: And I added an extra 30min of the elliptical machine to give me a push. I really need to drop weight and I'm hoping to drop at least 15lbs during the 30 Day Shred! CONGRATS TO EVERYONE FOR COMPLETING DAY 1!!!
  • I will be starting Level 1 today. Since it's Tuesday I will do it Tue - Sat this week! I plan to get in at least a mile run as well today or some time on a cardio mechine at the gym. Good luck everyone!!! We can do it!!! I'll check back in this evening or tomorrow morning!
  • Hi!!! I just joined FitnessPal a few days ago. I've done the 30DS before, last year. I got great results! Then I got lazy :-( and gained some weight back but I'm on a mission to drop it! I'm going to either do M-F or do 10 days of each level in a row and rest 1 or 2 days between each level. The same workout does get kind…