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  • Family Guy, American Dad, True Blood, Chopped and Impractical Jokers. Oh yeah and its so much fun to watch Wipeout...although it makes me miss MXC on Spike. That show was hilarious!
  • I guess I'm a artistic movie watching sports playing book reading musical jedi?
  • In good ol now super hot Phoenix, Arizona!
  • Thanks everyone for the taking some time out to add a reply. Lots of support on this site compared to another one I tried out...let's just say I'm sticking to this one. ;)
  • Wow sir you are like an inspiration to me. What I just read was great and I would love to hear some tips from you. I want to lose about 70 lbs in a shortest amount of time, although it might not be recommended by many. I just love the thought of working out and being healthy.
  • I added an awesome Star Wars wallpaper for my phone. A ringtone of the main theme song and the light saber goes off when I get a text ;-)
  • Thanks guys. I added all of you on my friends guys are awesome. I will be looking forward to getting help as well as giving. Let's Do This!
  • Hey girlie! My name is Alex and I myself am trying to lose some weight seriously. I want to become that athlete that I used to be and I am so determined to do so. I myself am looking for people who can give me tips and challenges to help me on my journey as well as help them out too. Let's Do This!!!
  • Nicole:) My name is Alex and I'm 25 years old from Glendale AZ! I just joined this site like 4 days ago and I want to have friends to help me in the same as you would like to. So you can add me for help and motivation and maybe you can help me out too. Thanks:)